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Tonight 9 P.M. ET – MacroEdge After Dark Radio via X Spaces With Special Guest Melody Wright

Just an update for all my friends, one of the best voices about the reality of real estate will be joining us on the air tonight to discuss the residential situation and the impacts of higher rates, delinquencies, defaults and much, much more.

And who knows who else might jump into the fray on the air tonight as the MacroEdge team is loaded with some of the best economic minds in America offering the perspective one might need for their retirement account, business planning, or just surviving this current economy.

Tonight please join the MacroEdge team for another edition of MacroEdge after dark where listeners are invited to participate in what will be a robust discussion of the economy and what appears to be the ultimate nightmare scenario developing throughout the Western world.

We hope you’ll tune in for what will be a very lively show covering precious metals, the latest from the auto market, real estate, and the government “statistics” which were issued this past week.

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