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Truckers Send a Message: California Are You Listening?

Folks, this video should wake up some people. While the driver of this accident involving a semi may have well been in violation of some laws, let’s review some basic facts:

  1. He was a new driver, with no experience driving in the mountains of Colorado.
  2. The equipment was apparently not up to the safety requirements.
  3. The training was insufficient for the areas he was asked to drive in.

I have been there, done that with new drivers. One has to make sure that the drivers have at least 3-4 months OTR (Over the Road) experience with a veteran driver to make sure they can handle the roads like those in Colorado.

This driver was given a sentence far more severe than child rapists, mass murderers, and ANTIFA terrorists who gravely injured people, but of course because this poor guy represents the anti-Buffett over the road driver, he must be severely punished. Enjoy your winter without fresh food Colorado, because if this catches on, y’all will be somewhat hungry come January.

Here’s the video which demonstrates what happens when an individual state decides to make an example of some poor bastard and the reaction indeed justifies what is happening now:

Never, ever, discount the blue collar truck driver’s ability to shut down a state’s economy. California, are you taking notes or shall the Marxists that run your state just allow the fresh fruits and vegetables to rot in the fields of Salinas this winter?

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