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Two Charts Says the US Economy is Doomed

And I don’t mean just 2008 doomer radio doomed like I used to broadcast via shortwave radio.

I think this time we are doomed like Great Reset aka, civilization as America knows it doomed.

Think about the following chart:

  1. Every time it has happened, a recession followed.
  2. Every time it has happened this century, housing has peaked with equities then crashed 30-60% depending on the region.
  3. Every time it’s crashed, political upheaval followed.

And that’s just the happy-happy joy-joy outcome.

It gets worse thought. A second chart courtesy of Alexi Arora via Twitter tells even the most basic individual that this time is beyond different:

Yup h-i-s-t-o-r-y.

This is the first time in US history since the Great Depression that a modern economy with spoiled rotten brats as a population has ever entered into a major recession, much less a depression, with a food shortage, war, and potential currency collapse at the same time.

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