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Video Proof America is Descending into Idiocracy

It’s not like many of us have not been trying to warn you that the movie “Idiocracy” is not a comedy, but a documentary.

Well, here we are…

Of course, it’s not limited to stupidity like that snippet above, social media refuses to be outdone:

Naturally, when NBC’s Today Show saw CBS This Morning go full moonbat, they said, “here, hold muh beer”:

I’ll bet she’s a blast at parties passing out recycled Dixie bathroom cups of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill to her guests.

Then yesterday, the Washington Post not content to blame a Red Ford SUV allegedly nicknamed “Christine” for the mass murder in Waukesha decides to one up itself with this Idiocracy level tweet for the holiday:

Then of course, there’s the idiots in charge of local governments:

Because those cloth masks worked oh so well the first time. Just like the Pfizer gene mutation shot.

Of course the media does not encourage or expand stupidity do they? Ummm, yeah:

I guess “propane for protests” is a special kind of “natural gas” sort of like what Senile Joe emits when meeting British royalty.

The road to Idiocracy is often paved with good intentions and JCOS Milley along with the other woke buffoons ruining our military are doing a good job taking care of our troops, if one is to believe the “media” of course. Then again, there’s this report from which might change one’s mind:

Navy Pay Delays Have Forced Some Sailors to Take Out Loans


Navy sailors who earned increases in their housing allowances this year because they married or moved to a high-cost area are experiencing months-long delays to their pay boost – a situation that has forced some to take out loans to make ends meet.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Vice President Gillian Gonzalez said her organization has seen an uptick in loan requests from sailors struggling to cover living expenses.

Maybe they can borrow the new all electric HumVees to deliver pizzas or work for DoorDash to make ends meet.

Good thing Senile Joe is on top of this.

Then again, with Vice President Harris saying inflation is caused by high prices this week, can anyone top that? CFO of Disney Christine Harris did several weeks ago:

Bidenflation: Disney CFO Says Smaller Food Portions at Parks ‘Good for Some People’s Waistlines’


“And there are lots of things that are worth talking about,” the CFO continued. “We can adjust suppliers. We can substitute products. We can cut portion size, which is probably good for some people’s waistlines.”

Just when I thought my updated Woke Rule Book said fat shaming was as bad as consumerism, Disney lets their big mouth rip again. Then again, all of these shortages are your fault for just being average everyday Americans if you listen to the elites and the Biden regime (via the NY Post):

Team Biden and its media apologists blame you for supply shortages the White House refuses to fix

They not only think you’re stupid, but everything from racism to inflation is the fault of the masses. Sadly, this thread could continue on infinitely with my own personal encounters with mind numbed morons programmed to be scared by Dr. Fraudci, the media, and political elites, but sane people can see that for themselves.

It’s not about to get any better as America rapidly descends into the reality of our new Idiocracy.

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