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Welcome to the End Times Starting In Utah


Yes, Utah.

And they are proud of what they are launching for the good of the people. Check this out from the Utah Department of Public Safety:

New Mobile Driver License to Offer Utahns Enhanced Privacy

Pilot Project Set to Begin for 100 Participants

The Utah Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Driver License Division (DLD) is taking the first steps toward moving Utahns’ identities out of their wallets and into the 21st century with the initiation of a mobile driver license (mDL) and identification card pilot program. In addition to the convenience aspect of adding the primary form of identification to Utahns’ mobile phones, the primary benefit the mDL will offer Utahns is enhanced privacy by minimizing the amount of personal data they share, in contrast to what they now share when handing over a physical card. Utah’s mDL will be the first in the nation that will incorporate the industry standards established for privacy, security, interoperability, and authenticity. The pilot program is now ready to begin with approximately 100 select participants and will expand to 10,000 participants including the broader public later in the year. 

What Utah’s mDL Is

Utah’s mDLs are a secure, contactless digital form of ID that give citizens control of the personal information they share with businesses. The pilot project aims to establish acceptance of the mDL by Utahns through use in real-world scenarios such as banking, travel, traffic stops, and restaurant and liquor store transactions that require age verification. The mDL is accessed through an app that users download to their mobile device and entities such as banks or grocery stores will utilize a reader that will request, receive and verify the integrity and authenticity of the mDL by accessing the DLD’s information infrastructure.

There is more information at the link provided above, but reading it and the providing company’s website is not only downright scary, it should send a chill down the spine of anyone which still believes in the US Constitution and freedom.

Awesome, so one of the most hacked agencies in the world, any state government entity, is going to “allow” everyone access to every aspect of your life by promising strict security. Tell me if this sounds anything like a certain mark in the Bible that was discussed based on this flyer being mailed to some Utahans whose driver’s license is up for renewal:

Awesome. That’s just what any sane person wants stored on their phone. But the bigger issue is why are Health Records, Credit Scores, Financial Reports, Vaccine Records, and Social Credit Scoring available to be stored there?

That answer is easy because they are all tied together. If the Marxists succeed, the individual’s credit and social credit score will be tied to the health records, purchase history, and vaccine compliance of said man or woman. And individual’s ability to buy food, travel, firearms, or obtain employment will be based on an arbitrary score calculated on the programming by someone who helped the Chinese communists program their surveillance state. That is not reassuring in the least.

It may not say ‘666’ but by God it certainly sounds like the ideas pioneered by the Chinese Communist Party are coming here and much sooner than most of us thought it would. And all of it under the control of the “benevolent” government to help the poor, innocent, ignorant soul.

Got Preps; as in LOTS of them?

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