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When Everything Goes Parabolic, the Cramer Market Top is Almost Here

America’s favorite plastic bull throwing con artist of financial huckster television once made a famous statement on his program which truly marked the top of all the markets way back on March 11, 2008:

Six days later J.P. Morgan bought Bear at the request of Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve at the fire sale price of $2 per share with the taxpayer eating the risk on all of the garbage on their books.

Fast forward thirteen years to 2021 and what does James have to say now?

Granted, Jim has used cars, er, stock bubbles to sell, but is he right? Time will tell.

In the mean time, there is a very ugly parabolic feel to this market and charts in various markets do not lie:

Technically per the Fed we are still in a recession as the shaded area indicates yet the stock market has almost doubled less than a year. This is normal, sort of, near bull market tops.

Meanwhile on the commodity front, Dr. Copper is flashing a warning:

Lumber says “hold muh beer” however:

Meanwhile, housing prices are going insane if one reviews the Case-Shiller index:

But don’t worry, copper and lumber won’t eventually cause builders to quit building because Amurica is entering into a “new cycle” right?

Let’s check in on the “green” revolution of electric motor vehicles and see if the parabolic moves are going to impact the price of the Green New Deal:

With palladium being a key ingredient for the manufacture of electric cars, certainly that will have a negative impact on companies like Tesla, right?

Good thing he’s manipulating the price of Bitcoin and selling carbon credits so he can sell it to keep his profits up at Tesla instead of making money manufacturing cars. Of course, Elon has no ulterior motives, he’s just looking to save the earth by helping to turn our economy green:

Speaking of Bitcoin, is it still parabolic?

Yes, it’s still parabolic.

Meanwhile, a price chart near and dear to many of my readers, let us check in on the PPI for small arms ammunition:

So everything is going up in price at an absurd rate yet nothing is affordable on a realistic basis at these sustained rates of increase for the average American citizen. There is a point in time where massive, short term shock inflation creates an economic collapse. Weirdly enough, gold and silver do not appear to be confirming this move, which causes this writer to speculate that it looks hauntingly like the 2007-2008 spike which ultimately resulted in a financial crisis and crash due to irrational speculation.

It is almost as if “people” fail to learn from their mistakes and double down making the next crash worse than the last.

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