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Why are the Russian Doomsday Planes Being Positioned in Vladivostok?

There is an open question tonight with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un en route via his military train to meet Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok and the title of this article says it all. A prescient OSINT observer noted this today on Twitter/X:

This is the first time that I can remember since the start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine that I have ever seen such a movement of those particular aircraft. It could be directly related to the meeting tomorrow however:

However, it is something more insidious, there is evidence that bigger things might be afoot in Fuzhou, China.

And more verification of the Tweet above from a very reliable source:

This includes practicing and moving some key naval assets in the area also.

And this propaganda video from a few weeks still sticks in my mind:

IF, and that’s a big IF something is afoot, Russia could provide 24/7 patrol and EW capabilities over the East China Sea, Japan, and the Korean sector (see box on the map below) while China’s military focused on the South China Sea and an invasion of Taiwan.

Stay tuned as the next few weeks could get extremely interesting.


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