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You Know Crypto is a Ponzi Scheme When This Happens

I really don’t think I need to offer a lot of commentary beyond the fact that I think Bitcoin will be the lone survivor. Maybe Ethereum has a chance, but at a sub $200 price level.

Ouch. But it can’t get worse, right?

From YahooFinance:

Binance CEO Says “Temporary” Pause in Withdrawals Due to “Stuck” Transaction

MMT never looked so good.

Just wait until the regular banking system starts spewing out those excuses because the FDIC starts limiting withdrawals.

Meanwhile from CryptoNews BTC:

Bitcoin nears MicroStrategy ‘margin call’ price

It’s okay if a Federal Reserve shareholding bank engages in a Ponzi scheme. But by God if anyone else does it, well, they hate the competition.

If you’re wondering how bad it is getting, here is another beauty of another tweet from CryptoWhale:

Ummm, yeah. That will add to the stability of that nation when BTC kisses the $10,000 mark if not lower.

Look for a massive regulatory intervention before the Biden Junta and the Democrats lose power on Capitol Hill in January which will be the death knell for thousands of the shitcoins and the bagholders who believed in them.

Thanks to Sal the Algorist for the perfect meme to headline this article; it is so true that when Peter Schiff is laughing, Ponzi schemes are dying.

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