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A Quick History Reminder of How a Regional War could Explode into a World War

The precarious situation the United States and NATO find themselves in now due to the instability around Ukraine is now the biggest flash point for a global conflict since the city of Chungking on July 9, 1939.

The Japanese were heavily engaged in the war with China at that moment when one of their bombing raids on the Chinese city of Chingking almost sunk a British warship and narrowly missed an American vessel and the US Ambassador’s home.

From The Evening Star July 7, 1939:

Japan immediately apologized for the incident as their nation was not yet ready for a major conflict with two of the largest militaries in the region. That one mistake almost brought the American and British into the Asian war a full two years before the Japanese Empire had planned.

While we watch what is happening with the conflict developing between Russia and Ukraine, remember that all it would take is one mistake to expand this war dramatically.

An expansion of a regional conflict that the world can not afford.

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