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America has Become a Bad Meme

This video of President Biden pretty much sums up the end of our Republic and the beginning of America becoming a laughingstock and meme to the world:

Today the “leader of the free world” held a press conference not to discuss the massive humanitarian crisis he created in Afghanistan; that’s not important enough for his handlers to deal with because his poll numbers are cratering as well as the awareness that his dementia is now reaching levels that constitute a threat to the Democrat Party.

Instead Senile Joe decided to attack Republican Governors, mandate a booster jab because the vaccines are failing, and threaten Red States if they didn’t play ball with his edicts.

America is a joke and this individual is destroying our nation domestically and internationally at a pace so terrifying that it should give everyone pause. Sadly there is no political will or leadership in Washington, D.C. competent enough to change this course of an empire declining into the dustbin of history.

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