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America is Destined to Lose the Next Major War

It’s looking really bad my friends.

How bad?

So diversity is strength? Not the hardcore ability to kill people and break things?

When I first saw that Tweet, I thought that there was no way that it was real. But yes, it is as per this one from the US Army Sustainment Command:

This is not an attack on the Major. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. But to have our military promote this kind of DEI nonsense is why we will lose the next war.

The problems have extended far beyond the corruption of the military-industrial complex and the redistribution of wealth up to the political and economic elites. Now it is an outright destruction of over 200 years of principled discipline and leadership designed to provide a rigid structure to defend the United States.

The struggles to make the US military a viable career alternative has been a disaster as outline by the declining recruitment numbers and inability of any branch to effectively retain current soldiers and achieve their recruiting targets. The Wall Street Journal outlined this problem on Friday in this article:

To read the link, a subscription is required, but let’s cut to the chase; the theme of the article is that traditional military families are now persuading their sons and daughters to avoid military service because of how they, the veterans have been treated recently (see Afghanistan 2021) and the new “inclusiveness” guidelines in line with the DEI program expanding through the government.

In fact the annual Heritage Foundation 2023 Index of US Military Strength does not provide a pretty picture as outlined in this one graphic from the Executive Summary:

Unfortunately for America, without a strong Navy and Air Force, having a strong US Marine Corps does little for force projection if they have difficulty getting into the battle and lack logistical support.

This situation is not about to improve under this current administration nor under a repeat of the Trump group of horrible hires. As Ray Vawter outlines at Defense Post, the problems are obvious and far reaching (from Can the US Solve Its Recruitment Crisis With a Foreign Legion? , May 9, 2023):

The US military sought to bring in 150,000 recruits last year but failed to meet its goals by some 15 percent. This crisis is not a mystery.

Recruitment is low because only 23 percent of Americans between 17 and 24 are eligible to join the military. In most cases, they’re not physically fit or can’t pass the required tests.

Furthermore, potential recruits experience a job market more competitive with military service than ever. With other jobs paying better and offering similar benefits, military service just isn’t compelling.

Other reasons recruitment numbers are down are a perceived “wokeness” in the military, COVID-19 restrictions, Military Health System Genesis, the possibility of great power conflict, and a lack of faith in government.

Hence the dilemma. America can begin recruiting foreign fighters with debatable loyalty to the United States, its Bill of Right, and the beliefs of its citizens to fill the void, or lose the next major ground conflict with a bunch of DEI idiots who think diversity wins wars.

Regardless of which path America’s political elites take, our adversaries, primarily China and Russia, are taking alternative paths to harden their militaries and prepare them for the conflict of the future.

Sadly, this projected superpower war, unfortunately, appears to be drawing closer every day.

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