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America is Losing the Next Major War (Video)

During my absence from the internet enjoying my favorite hockey team, laughing at the permabulls thinking that Senile Joe has “fixed” the economy with the Fed, and watching Russia kick ass and take names, I noticed a considerable deterioration in our society.

It’s not the atypical “young people overthrowing the old order” type of decline and fall but an almost Roman-like destruction of not just the old norms, but logical ones which were meant to maintain our national defense and where men actually protected children from violent psychopaths. Here’s looking at you US Marshal Service and Uvalde, TX Deputized Cowards Club in that regard.

It’s rare that I am up this late, in fact damned rare. When I’m on vacation my wife and I might shut down a club overseas in the wee hours once, but unless my favorite hockey team is playing out West, I am rarely awake at this hour, more like getting ready to wake up at 4 a.m.

Then I saw this video, and will not be able to sleep:

Jesse Kelly, one of my favorite anti-communist talk show hosts has frequently commented on the woke insanity crippling our military and weakening our society. His retort is “we’re going to lose a major war” in which he refers, in my opinion, to the upcoming conflict with China. Listening to the video where soldiers are telling her “Kelly, be brave” is just the tip of the iceberg. It goes beyond a total breakdown in discipline, it highlights our societal decline and lack of respect for each other; a fatal flaw which dooms any military.

Jesse Kelly is 100% right.

In my day, when a soldier behaved like this, if the Sergeant in charge did not have two MP’s take this individual down and to the brig, old Sarge would become Mr. PFC Gomer Pyle real quick. But military discipline, logic, loyalty, oaths, and norms of the old society are no longer tolerated. I hate to break it to the “yutes” in our society, but the Russians and ChiComs do not recognize the “time out” requests your woke Sarge might give you in traning.

In fact as an example, I just spoke with a young individual from the Army’s Special Forces who refused to re-up after eight long years because of this and he had the technical skills (8 languages) the military is begging for. He loves America but still walked away twelve years short.

But why?

He hated it.

Under Trump it was tolerable but not great as the woke stuff was being brought in one drip at a time. But now that it is all woke, all the time, and not about protecting America he got so demoralized and disgusted he did not want to pursue his original career choice nor believe anything his superiors told him. Especially after two tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa (each).

I listened to the blabbering bullshitters on the internet and cable television over the last three weeks proudly proclaiming after Biden’s latest gaffe/lie/boast/Senior moment, that China would not be ready or capable of invading Taiwan for at least 5 years or more.

What a crock of shit.

And why do they say stupid things like this? They believer and want to force us to believe that our military is invincible, our Navy unsinkable, and our President is still sane (not me, the woke weirdos), that we can beat anyone in any war, anywhere, anytime.

Just like we did on December 6, 1941.

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