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America’s Most Popularly Elected President is on Sale for $2.99

The Fake News Media would have everyone in the world believe that “President” Joe Biden received more popular votes than any President in United States history.

On a proportional basis that means more than Obama, Reagan, Kennedy, and FDR.

The reality?

This clown show in D.C. is as popular as food poisoning on top of a hangover.

I personally received the proof of this in my junk mail this past week:

Knowing the typical libtard response they will simply say “it’s an old book and isn’t relevant.”

But when former President Donald J. Trump’s skyrocketed to the top of the demand list on Amazon and other websites after his election in 2016, the response from the morons in the media and the left was something like “well, his kids or his foundation is buying the copies up to make him look good.”

No excuse for Senile Joe though. No comment, no anger over the lack of a press conference during the first 45 days, no cares about no State of the Union, and no worries about his inability to form coherent sentences while reading off of a teleprompter.

This senile old man is not in charge. And the American people had best wake up to the fact that Vice-President Kamala Harris isn’t either. Our nation, through fraud, deception, and traitorous behavior by several Republican governors who sold their financial souls for a piece of the action, is now run by a globalist cabal of banksters, elites, and groups which will do anything in any ruthless manner necessary to break our nation’s spirit and permanently destroy our Constitution.

At least you can buy the senile old guy’s memoirs dirt cheap. And that’s good because it will be a lot cheaper than toilet paper and fire starter as the nation descends into a dystopic insanity inspired to enslave and destroy the middle class, much like the poor have been put on the plantation for over 50 years now.

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