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China’s Preparing for War as America’s Leadership Wanders Aimlessly

The Western media once again misleads its citizens by reporting the facts they prefer and not the reality of what is actually happening.

Take this innocent looking headline today from BNN-Bloomberg:

China Restricts Exports of Corn Starch, Signaling Supply Worries

Logically as reported, corn yields are down in China and the US supply is expecting a subpar harvest.

But start to add this headline in with many others and think about what’s next:

China’s export restrictions could pose global challenges

China issues phosphate quotas to rein in fertiliser exports

China cuts U.S. debt holdings 9% in suspected shift to tax havens

China pares back holdings of U.S. Treasuries for 7th month

China tells state banks to prepare for a massive dollar dump and yuan buying spree (don’t buy the narrative that this is bolster the Yuan; China is getting rid of dollars to avoid sanctions, just like Russia did)

China Is Preparing To Go To War

After the next typhoon which the models project to hit the Philippines then proceed into Southern China or Northern Vietnam next week is over, a window of almost perfect weather should open for an invasion of Taiwan.

The Chinese Communist Party meeting will be over with Xi being re-affirmed as a lifetime ruler, the military resources should be in position, and the United States will be distracted by events relating to the midterm election. Add in the potential of a coordinated effort with Russia such as the start of the winter offensive at the same time in Ukraine as a Taiwan invasion and the indecisive idiots in D.C. will be overwhelmed on what course of action to take, if any.

China is preparing for war but the United States claims that all is well, remain calm. If China does not invade Taiwan, it will be a huge relief but if they do proceed it will be the straw that breaks America’s economic back. The implementation of sanctions by the US against China will result in an export ban of products to the American consumer and manufacturing, which will destroy the economy by collapsing demand, increasing inflation, and creating massive layoffs almost immediately.

While other nations can see what is coming the average American is oblivious to the supply chain and financial implications of such a conflict.

Meanwhile in Washington, Americans are treated to an almost daily view of the clueless President and his inability to perform basic functions as our nation’s leader.

God help us all.

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