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Dictatorships Come at You Fast

What a difference two weeks make.

The fake news media will have everyone believe that tomorrow is going to be an awesome event, with vomit inducing comments like this one from CNN(courtesy of TheDailyCaller):

Wow. It’s almost as if the reincarnation of Erich Honecker wrote that for CNN and it’s b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

Yet few people seem to understand my dark humor referenced above. The truth is that dictatorships do come at you fast and those in Venezuela who failed to see this coming are the same ignorant people who fail to see what is coming not with Biden but starting with his junta and their actions after his brief Presidency.

A prime example is proucly on display from Hillary Clinton and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi via the former’s podcast yesterday:

Hillary and Pelosi Want a Commission to Prove Conservatives Have Ties to Putin

Nothing like a good purge to create “liberation” and freedom right?

But that is nothing compared to the story below. This is happening now, in my state, and I pray Governor Ron DeSantis shows he is still the man and intervenes as soon as possible.

From Laura Loomer, former Republican Party candidate for Congress’ website:

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve Been BANNED From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What’s To Come For All Conservative Americans

Excuse me?

Since when can the Federal Government just arbitrarily block a United States citizen who has not been convicted of nor accused of any crime or mental illness from permission to buy a firearm as guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment?

Apparently now:

More from her website:

My speech on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been banned and eliminated.

My ability to conduct business on PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe and other financial institutions has been banned.

Chase Bank once shut down my online banking.

Comcast blocked my congressional campaign from sending texts and emails to voters while they donated to my opponent.

Even my ability to travel has all been restricted, as I am permanently banned on Uber and Lyft.

I can’t even have a sandwich delivered because I’ve been banned on UberEats.

What I haven’t shared with you is that last year, I found out my 2nd Amendment rights have also been stripped without warning or explanation.

That’s right, I – a young woman who faces constant death threats – cannot own or possess a firearm for my own personal protection. My 2nd Amendment right has been BANNED. 

While I have NEVER been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, and I’ve never been adjudicated mentally unfit by a judge, my name was placed in the Federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and I have been prohibited from ever owning or even touching a firearm.

It’s called “Red Flagging”.

The only people who have the ability to put you in the NICS database is the FBI.

I learned during my campaign for Congress that despite the fact that I have never been charged or convicted of any crime whatsoever, my name had been placed on a secret Federal “no buy” list maintained by the FBI, which prohibited me from my legal right to buy a firearm.

My name landed on this secret “no buy” list shortly after I questioned the former FBI director James Comey at his first book signing event about a number of lies in his published memoir. I was acting entirely legally in my role as an investigative journalist and as an attendee of the event.

As a result, I’ve lost my rights to protect myself and my home.

Unreal. Yet not unexpected. This is coming to all of us. If you own a firearm, your ability to do so will be endangered soon and no legal avenue nor public medium will be available for your protest to be heard.

The internet will is longer be the “people’s” bulletin board.

The media is already a ward of the state, dedicated to the program of a great reset to be imposed, not voted upon by the masses.

And the new junta, aided and abetted by the old establishment guard of the GOP, does not care about our Constitution, nor what you think or feel.

Democracy does die in darkness, as the Washington Post likes to say. And much like the media of 1935 Germany, they are participating in shutting the curtains on free speech, honest reporting, and freedom in our nation.

The Constitution is in intensive care, and soon will be forgotten like an old World War II veteran dying alone in a nursing home.

One day, the elites who do not play ball and the media that ignores the threats, will be merged or forced into a new state apparatus. In the interim, celebrate. A senile Nero is now our Caesar and will lead us all out of the darkness he projects.

Just like Mao.

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