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How Florida Helped Flip Virginia to the Republicans

Wait, what?

Yes, my beloved home state, under the great leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis helped flip Virginia red and almost succeeded in flipping New Jersey also.

For those doubting what I say, take a moment to finish reading this posting and think about why yours truly is telling the honest by God’s truth.

The truth is more complicated than just giving my home state a pat on the back. After all, Terry McAuliffe was the most arrogant, horrible, vile person I’ve seen nominated for any political office since Comrade DeBlasio and Feel ‘Em Up Cuomo. Clinton wannabe Terry ran an incompetent campaign promising to impose more state control, not less and that helped trigger the backlash election.

When Terry decided to attack the moms over education and their children that just pushed things over the top. Yet Florida may have helped with that part of it also, as that subject has been front and center in our state for over a year with the governor versus blue county egotistical poor imitations of Mussolini or Castro.

As the rest of the nation was floundering and suffering under lock downs from tin pot wannabe dictators like KKK Northam, Cuomo, and Newsom, Florida ended a 30 day lockdown and started to lead the nation to the idea of freedom.

When Governor Ron DeSantis decided to defy Trump’s idiotic China Virus Czar, Fauci, the liberal world screamed that Florida would become a death camp with tens, nay, maybe hundreds of thousands of people about to die.

The results and the truth?

Florida’s economy bounced back first (South Dakota doesn’t count, both people were already employed). Job growth accelerated despite losing thousands of small businesses. Companies emerged from the China Virus determined to survive and expand. Our beaches opened, the theme parks soon after, then bars and restaurants and guess what?

Florida did not have to use front end loaders to clean up all the bodies on the streets.

Then tourism returned in a massive way. During the lockdowns, thousands of New Yorker’s, New Jersey residents, and yes, Virginians escaped to Florida to lockdown in their winter homes. They gambled that their lives would be better down here and they were right.

As the tourists returned to their still imprisoned states, they began to share stories of freedom. Where a governor defended parental rights in education, where businesses were allowed to flourish, and a state where employed people were rewarded for their hard work instead of admonished by third world like health “authorities” for endangering their co-workers.

In states like New Jersey and Virginia a slow realization along with other issues hit a boiling point:

Their blue state Democrat run dictators were lying and conning them in order to steal their God given Constitutional rights and freedoms.

The backlash was inevitable.

By visiting Florida and ignoring the Fake News Media by seeing things with their own eyes, these souls spread the word about the most infectious disease of them all, one that the Democrats came close to extinguishing but failed:


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