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So Biden Survived 100 Days as POTUS, but Mentally? Not so Much

I am a big boy, so when I’m wrong, I put on my big boy pants and admit it.

I honestly did not think that President Joe Carter Biden would last more than 100 days. Thus when he made it past that mark, I feared the worst; that the ever corrupt and equally incompetent Vice-President Kamala Harris was not ready to take over. Which is scary considering the rapid degradation of our nation in just under the senile idiot’s first 4 months in office.

I realize the left squeals when you call Senile Joe senile, but it is the truth. Hell, even Alan Jones from Sky News Australia identified the issues during his broadcast on April 29th:

My God, this guy hit it out of the park. Which makes any sane person wonder who really is in charge. Is it a committee set up by former Obamites which ran Barry’s administration using him as a “front” person to cover up for their carnage? Or worse, is it really a group of super secret wealthy individuals as so popularly promoted in various conspiracies?

Regardless, this clown is leading our nation to a very rapid decline and ultimate destruction. Someone needs to stop him before a world war erupts and things spiral out of control during one of Joe’s afternoon nap-naps when he quits working at 2 p.m.

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