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The Death of Conservative, Inc.

On February 17, 2021 a great leader in the conservative movement of American politics, along with a friend on most rational individual’s A.M. radio passed away in West Palm Beach, Florida. The death of Rush Limbaugh was not ‘the’ death of Conservative, Inc., but it was an indication that in fact a marker that the business of conservatism for profit model was fading into dire straits as well as the ideas he advocated for.

The Election of 2020 was marked with shall we say “questionable” activity throughout in several states, the Republican Party once again happily wore the moniker of the ‘Stupid Party’ with its failures to support viable candidates in winnable races while allowing its members to talk down their national candidates without fear of retribution; something one would never see in the Democrat Party during a national election.

The hints that fractures in the almighty inferred corporation began in 2015 when a circus tent full of candidates announced they were running for President, culminating with Donald J. Trump making his announcement in June that he was seeking the Presidency.

The members of conservative talk radio by and large praised his run for office. To be clear and honest with my readers, I was a Ted Cruz supporter to the maximum allowed because I did not trust Donald Trump at that time. In the end, I was proven wrong because most of Trump’s administration did succeed in promoting and fulfilling many conservative goals, despite the advice of his idiot son-in-law Jared.

The phony conservatives like Bill Kristol, George Will, Jennifer Rubin, National Review, etc. all outed themselves in a blaze of glory with the hopes that by founding the “Never Trump” movement they could wrest control of Conservative, Inc. from a populist movement and return the serfs to their proper place of servicing their country club lifestyles with little politically to show for it.

The serfs said “go to hell” and Donald Trump won a victory which was epitomized by the implosion of the left with all the implications of a poor loser that they were (from the Young Turks Election 2016 coverage):

Still glorious all these years later despite the fact that the individuals who should have been celebrating the victory were instead plotting the demise of Conservative, Inc. by using their own traitors from within.

After the ascension of President Donald Trump, the peak of conservative talk radio and television, and the rise of the Republicans holding majorities in the House and Senate, the “right” in America thought they had a chance to develop a modern Constitutional system based on the ideals of the Founding Fathers while reversing 80 years of quasi-socialist political economy.

Silly Conservatives, Trix are for kids

Or in this case the GOP which never fails to disappoint. Senator Hanoi McCain decided to enact his personal pettiness to keep Obamacare as the rule of law in America, leaving 1/6th of the American economy in the hands of petty bureaucrats. I’m sure in his little mind he figured this would have no implications on our future as a nation. Unless there was something crazy like a pandemic or something.


Also, along comes Paul Ryan, the most infamous traitor in American political history since Arlen Specter grafted the graces of the US Senate disguised as a Republican. Instead of promoting the policies which could have rolled back the bureaucratic nightmare of Washington, D.C., he demonstrated that not only was he not a budget “hawk” but another profiteer feeding at the trough of the taxpayer; an almost male version of Nancy Pelosi with a suit and tie.

Mitch McConnell was not much better. For three years Trump nominees to various government departments languished in committee. What the Turtle never wants the readers to know is that he could have, under the rules of the Senate, called those nominees to the floor for an immediate vote but instead decided to impede the populism of Donald Trump by slow walking everything and protecting the bureaucracy; primarily to protect the personal profits his wife and family were raking in from it and his power in D.C. once Trump was gone.

That lesson was not learned by the so-called Conservative movement under George W. Bush and the nation along with the “corporation” would pay for it dearly under Trump.

The Implosion of Faux News

As Cable television and talk radio ratings soared, in the end as the Democrats figured out how to con the GOP into a new power sharing agreement, the Emperor of Fox News was in decline. Roger Ailes health was failing and after he left the network, the rumors and attacks on him personally which were designed to destroy his accomplishments were broadcast with great fanfare.

Meanwhile, the broadcasting foundations of Conservative, Inc. began to shake. The attacks on Bill O’Reilly, regardless of the facts, caused the end of their most popular and dominating program. Other conservatives were put under pressure and even outright banned from appearing on FNC. After the 2020 election a notable decline in viewership was marked with MSNBC actually beating their programs at various times, a shock not just to shareholders but what was left of the conservative media. The withdrawal of Rupert Murdoch from Ailes’ formula was a disaster and just now in 2021 it started to recover. Unfortunately for Conservative, Inc. it was, and is, too little, too late.

The Lies of Never Trumpers and Donald Trump

I know that once again I shall be attacked for pointing this out but let out your ‘gasp’ now as believe it or not Donald Trump told lies.

Shocking right?

First and foremost he listened to his family, an incompetent group of political activists who were never grounded in reality. Jared Kushner demonstrated that his liberal globalist idealism was ill fitted for a populist who wanted to re-establish America as a serious power in the world. Kushner’s recommendations for personnel hobbled Donald Trump’s ability to lead and worse, his advice to accommodate the likes of Mitch McConnell in the end prevented some of the permanent changes needed to stop the insanity America is enduring now. President Trump has lied about his accomplishments in many areas especially his ability to hire quality underlings, yet many in the old guard of Conservative, Inc. still thinks he was a success.

Senile Joe and his handlers will rightfully disagree.

In other not so shocking news the Never Trumpers have now changed their brand in the biggest lie of them all. Instead of “Never Trump” they are now “New Conservative” trying to renew their bid to control the board of directors at Conservative, Inc. The death of Rush Limbaugh was viewed as their opening but thankfully some truly sound, committed idealists not in it just for profit but for the nation are still holding the line to some degree and their irrelevancy continues for now.

Sadly, without the controls of the bureaucracy at that fingertips, those who are truly conservative ideologically are blocked. The Supreme Court nominees Trump put forward under the advice of the RINO elites turns out were CINOs (Constitutionalists in Name Only) and the rule of law is now a fluid discussion determined by electoral results instead of that dusty piece of paper under glass in the Library of Congress. These disgusting souls sweep under the rug the actions of their Lincoln Project founders and words they have written so as to guarantee they are still invited to cocktail parties and have the ears of “Republican” political elites.

Thus the one big accomplishment of President Trump may in fact turn out to be a deal with the devil, the Republicans in Name Only, one for which America may not recover.

The Slow Death of Conservative, Inc.

The infighting for control of the conservative movement appears to be moving into its final chapters. While the Democrats and liberals accelerate their devolution into a Marxist based Euro-socialist party of promises, authoritarianism, and globalism, the GOP is paralleling this course trying to merge a phony Mitt Romney style populism with globalist goals and impaired individual liberty.

The fight is real. Hell, the two most popular black females in the conservative movement are now embroiled in a lawsuit (h/t The Right Scoop for that) which will end with both ladies being degraded into a memory. Sean Hannity still sells his tick-tock the FBI are the good guys and the judicial system is okie-dokey garbage. Glenn Beck still thinks there are honorable politicians which can do good as needed and God has our nation’s back (he doesn’t). And the voices in the darkness still think from the Looney Tunes position that somehow, someway Donald Trump will be reinstated on the steps of the Supreme Court any day now.

Insanity reigns everywhere.

The business of being a conservative as revolutionized by Rush Limbaugh is disintegrating. Despite the improvement in the evening lineup on Fox News, the demographics are not in their favor. Tucker is cute and watchable, Sean is a repetitive old hat, and Laura is after the bed time for anyone east of Dallas, TX based on their audience’s age. The upstart networks like NewsMax, OANN, America’s Voice, etc. are plucking viewers away every week as much of their programming is on demand versus setting up milk and cookies at a specific time to watch.

Yet the old guard of Conservative, Inc. behaves just like IBM or AMC motors, thinking there is no way they could ever fade into irrelevancy. The modern era of voters are being guided by popular, not populist media like the Tik-Toks and Snapchats. Facebook is already becoming grandma’s computer toy like the MySpace or AOL of the early 2000’s; Twitter an overly censored political commercial for the left like the old Radio Moscow World Service; and cable television a sewer of government instruction and advocacy like the movie THX-1138.

Something new must happen not just to unify the old advocates of the American Constitution and save the Republic or the worst may happen in the years ahead, if not sooner. People like Mark Levin are trying by educating the public, but more are needed to reach a younger demographic or America is on the path of Yugoslavia.

The recognition of the death of Conservative, Inc. would be a good starting point to re-uniting the Libertarian idealists with what’s left of the conservative realists.

Before it is too late.

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