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There are Nights Where it is easy to Write

And then there are nights like tonight.

Normally I might say that the news writes itself and here’s my take on it.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those evenings, nor days, nor weeks to come. The United States has hit what can only be called a historical marker on this sad day for our Republic.F

Finally, the intelligence community finally got something correct, and warned both the U.S. military and State Department of an impending attack. The State Department issued a warning to American citizens and dependents to avoid the area outside of the Kabul airport.

Apparently our military leaders “trusted” the Taliban to keep evil doers away and did not modify their security stance at the airport, allowing the Taliban to maintain the outside perimiter.

As a result of this insane decision, America will see flag covered caskets once again due to the deliberate, vile, unbelievable incompetence of our officer’s corps.


Because political decision making now supersedes military common sense.

Everyone wants their shot at being assigned to the Pentagon so play ball and do what the higher ups order even if violates protocol and procedure for securing your own soldiers. Despite all of the finger pointing and blame, this was not Biden’s Benghazi as some as advertised today.

It was Biden’s Operation Eagle Claw, marking the end of American ascension in this era.

I may not have lost any friends over there today, but I have this sinking feeling in my gut tells me we have lost a nation.

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