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Trump’s Revenge on John Roberts

21.06.20 17:00 ET

And all of the Judiciary who refutes the power of the Executive Branch and Those Who think they can rewrite the Constitution

On Monday, June 22 at or about 10 a.m. Eastern Time the last of the Supreme Court decisions will be announced. While there is great anticipation on cases such as the Louisiana abortion law, etc., the truth is that the demonstrable willful malfeasance against the Constitution by this court regarding its lawful duty to hear some cases being denied their day in court while ignoring the facts in others should not provide the President nor supporters of the rule of law much hope in what is to come.

Hence it falls on the shoulders of President Trump to act. He can either hide behind the skirts of Ivanka and Jared or man up and become the “Andrew Jackson” he so admires. A quote was once attributed to President Jackson after an unfavorable decision in the Worcester v. Georgia case which he was reported to say:

“John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it.”

The actual quote however was (from the book They Never Said It):

“The decision of the supreme court has fell stillborn,” he wrote John Coffee, “and they find they can not coerce Georgia to yield to its mandate.”

In other words, Andrew Jackson told the Judiciary that he was the supreme Executive authority in the country and your rulings against the will of the people and the Constitution be damned. The Supreme Court in 1833 refused and could not get the Federal Marshals to enforce their action and in the end, the sad tragedy of the Trail of Tears began with President Jackson’s willful ignorance of the Indian’s plight.

Presidents throughout history have challenged and usurped their authority over the will of the Supreme Court and Judiciary be it Lincoln, Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or Obama. Thus comes the time of challenge and leadership for President Trump.

After this week’s decisions, President Trump should quietly do what is right instead of his historical precedence of ignoring his supporters and friends in their times of need.

On July 3rd, 2020, President Trump should poke a finger in the eye of Justice Roberts, the clowns on the D.C. Circuit, and all self-appointed Federal judicial dictators in their various districts by issuing the following as individual Executive Orders:

  1. A real Executive Order voiding all aspects of DACA and immediate enforcement of all subjects eligible for deportation with criminal violations who previously were shielded by Obama’s orders. In said order he should defy the courts and expedite all deportations per existing immigration law in defiance of the district and Supreme Court until further notice.
  2. A commutation of the sentence for Paul Manafort. This elderly man was hooked by a corrupt prosecutor appointed to attack and has suffered enough. There is no reason for his family to suffer any further in his latter days of life.
  3. A full pardon for Roger Stone. Once again the Mueller fraud snags a man on a technicality. I am not a fan of Mr. Stone, but at some point there must be a reckoning for out of control corrupt Department of Justice officials and prosecutors who look to protect the reputation of Obama and his cronies.
  4. A full pardon for General Micheal Flynn a long with an order for a Department of Justice review of the conduct of Judge Sullivan. That does not need an explanation.

If President Trump wants to be like Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, or even FDR, it is time for him to act like a leader. Declare your independence from the foolishness which has destroyed those who ally with the administration and those who act to subvert our nation’s freedoms.

Do it Mr. President.

And your legacy as a man of principle will get some of the restoration that is duly justified by history.

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