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Will Senile Lying Joe Ever Quit Lying?

One or two political campaign lies is normal. A few white lies like “it depends on what your definition of is, is” can also be considered par for the course for career politicians.

But this senile old lying fool can not stop himself.

He claims he marched with Civil Rights leaders.

He did not.

He claims he visited the Tree of Life Synagogue after the mass shooting.

He did not.

Biden said there was no way to leave Afghanistan without chaos ensuing, but six weeks ago he said a Taliban takeover was highly unlikely.

The Taliban are now holding Americans, Green Card holders, and Afghans with SIV paperwork hostage as they consolidate power by executing their enemies.

Biden said the Afghan army is 300,000 strong when the real number is 178,800.

Most were irregulars and not truly committed to fighting for their imaginary nation as they are mostly loyal to tribes as our contractors and mid-level officers warned.

From a great review of his lies a year ago by Liz Peek via The Hill:

A video is making the rounds in which Biden boasts at a 1987 rally, “I went to law school on a full academic scholarship…[and] ended up in the top half of my class.”

Biden also maintained that he “graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school” and was the “outstanding student in the political science department.”

Not one of those claims was true, as newscasters at the time affirmed. In fact, Biden graduated 76th of 85 students in his law school class, had only a partial scholarship and did not win top honors in his undergraduate discipline.

I could post literally HUNDREDS more examples, but here we go again today, courtesy of the NY Post since the #FakeNewsMedia will not report it:

Biden claims ‘first job offer’ from Idaho lumber company, but it’s news to them


Biden, who is famous for his recollection of things that did not happen, didn’t specify a year or job position, but said that he regularly mentioned it the the late Idaho Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho), his Senate colleague from 1973-1981.

“I used to tell Frank Church this, I got a — my first job offer, where I wanted — my deceased wife and I wanted to move to Idaho because — not a joke — it’s such a beautiful, beautiful state. And I interviewed for a job at Boise Cascade,” Biden said.

He added: “And in the meantime there was a war going on. Anyway. But the whole point was that I used to always kid Frank.”

But Boise Cascade spokeswoman Lisa Tschampl told The Post, “We have no record of President Biden’s application or of him having worked for the company. “

Tschampl said that “we checked our system internally and nothing has turned up.”

But don’t worry ladies and gents. This senile old fart only has his fingers on enough nuclear weapons to kill everything but cockroaches on this planet.

The video from his presser in Shanksville, PA on 9-11 should terrify not just America, but the world:

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