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08.04.23 New York City Riot: I Warned Everyone to Escape from New York (Videos-Some Explicit)

This afternoon Kai Cenat, a “You Tuber” of some fame that most of America has never heard of proclaimed he was doing a video game giveaway in New York City today, Manhattan to be specific.

How did that work out?

Yeah, about that well.

Video coverage from the moron’s social media team via YouTube:

Of course, this video doesn’t even cover the stupidest actions, as various “X” (Twitter) accounts outlined today.

Stay classy New York City. And I’m sure Lizzo would like that football as a trophy. Please, please, please do not move or come to Florida. We don’t tolerate this bullcrap.

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  1. tom tom 08/05/2023

    I’m surprised they arrested and charged Kai Cenat with inciting a riot. Glad they did!!

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