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08.08.22 FBI/DoJ Trump Raid Reaction Thread

Folks, we have now entered into the darkness.

Governor DeSantis of Florida reacts:

Grenell points out “facts” that they will ignore and so will the “be reasonable” idiots:


And the difference between the USA and East German again is what?

Well stated.

Another great reaction from Dan Bongino:

This will be as ugly as anything ever imagined. The reactions are pouring in fast.

Jesse Kelly has a point. Never appoint a former Democrat named “Jared” to be your most trusted advisor comes to mind in my book.

And these are the “peaceful” solution Conservatives that are upset:

Sebastian Gorka is not pleased:

The nightmare is accelerating.

She’s right, you know.

Just an isolated incident:

Even Glenn Beck recognizes this for what it is:

Jack Posobiec summed it up best:

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