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09.27.22 Hurricane Ian Update: I’m Toast (40+ inches of rain?!?!?!?)

The latest update from Hurricane Ian and it’s projected path means one thing:

I’m toast.

Wow, waking up to see this on your Accuweather hourly forecast makes me wonder why we always get the late night storm nonsense instead of a convenient 8-5 type of storm.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning is going to really suck.

The projected landfall point per the National Hurricane Center is a 120 mph storm (major) into Tampa Bay:

I’ll be gone most of the day boarding up a friend’s house and laying sandbags around my house. To all in the path, good luck. For my friends in Tampa I hope you are ready too. This is going to be one we’ll all talk about for many, many years.

Just a quick addition before I leave. The latest GFS run is in with rainfall estimates from this morning through 0800 Friday morning there is a mind boggling figure for our area:


Holy flirkingschmidt.

Yes, that says 43.9 inches of rain.

I’m so toast. Floating toast that is.

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