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A Patriot is in Jail While Traitors Roam Free

Are you paying attention yet folks?

Lt. Colonel Scheller is in jail as this video from Steve Bannon today highlights (via Rumble):

Meanwhile this assclown traitor, John Walker Lindh, roams free:

As does this assclown traitor Bo Berghdahl who betrayed his fellow soldiers and got several members of his unit killed:

Meanwhile some reality from a former soldier who is just as disgusted by what is happening:

And it’s Generals like this traitor, yes, traitor, who created this nightmare where the American military is now divided between the Soviet Political Officers vs. the dedicated career soldiers:

My fellow Americans, you have to choose sides.

Because one day one of the idiots who work for the traitors will be at your front door, on your farm, or at your business demanding your allegiance and requiring you to submit, surrender, or just shoot you and take your family from you.

It’s obvious that our military is now officially being forced to do the same.

TO donate to Ltc. Scheller’s legal defense fund please go to:

The Pipe Hitter Foundation LTC Scheller

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