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American Propaganda is Amazing

And no, I am not discussing the full court press by the Fake News Media, Conservative, Inc., and the RINO FNC types on Ukraine.

It’s now degraded to the level beyond video game “Green Jugend” to traditional American board games after destroying children’s cereals to indoctrinate little ones for the groomers.

And I do mean it is sad and pathetic all at once. It started with the Eugenics founded company of Kellogg’s and their “woke” cereal:

And now to the once great board game of Monopoly, sigh:

Just WTF.

Check out this card from the game above, yes, printed on recycled paper:

America has become soft, retarded, lame, pathetic, and conquerable all in less than 15 years since the surrender of George W. Bush the Puss to the globalists.

God help us all.

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