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California is the GOP’s Stalingrad

First and foremost before I dive into this opinion piece, I must firmly disavow what the leftists, ignoramus, and dishonest crowd will say:

I am NOT comparing the GOP to Hitler and the Nazis of the German Third Reich.

Now that the disclaimer is over….

In 1942, Adolf Hitler ignored his generals and continued the assault to occupy and city of Stalingrad simply because of his personal hate of the Russian leader. The battle served no long term strategic purpose, the German supply lines were already strained to their maximum in that region, and Stalin was given a blessing by Hitler’s intransigence, allowing his nation to bring up fresh reserves and equipment which eventually destroyed the German 6th Army.

In 2020, President Donald Trump teased the nation and the state of California by stating he thought it was “winnable” while talking to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk show delusional souls. To keep the troops morale up, the idiot savants on Fox News and conservative talk radio promoted this idiotic idea of winning without elector reform or legal protections in place to monitor the election. This delusion sounds a lot like Von Paulus promising Hitler a victory until the reality set in during the winter of 1942.

Meanwhile in 1942 Berlin, General Halder of the Army General Staff attempted to warn Hitler that the supply lines would not be sustain the offensive through the winter and in his arrogance, Hitler pressed ahead which lead to the eventual disaster. Much like the protestations of the professional generals in Germany in 1942, the GOP leadership dismissed electoral fraud and illegals voting as a “conspiracy” theory despite massive evidence presented after the 2018 mid-term elections.

Larry Elder, God bless his soul, did his best, but the GOP is the party of elites, and none of their elites would expend their money or power to support his efforts to end the decline and fall of California.

While California might well have several pockets of resistance, the reality is simple:

The GOP conquering any large swath of voters in California to have a meaningful difference in statewide races is akin to Stalingrad. It is impossible.

The Democrat Party and their allies have institutionalized voter fraud, forced formerly reliable Republican strongholds like Orange County into the hands of radical leftists, and imposed a voter’s indifference on a large enough percentage of conservatives to guarantee that the left will maintain a stranglehold on power in the state.

Add in the fact that the left’s arrogance is now being thrown in the face of the California voters, the only logical thing to do is follow the lead of those who have abandoned the state and to reinforce the last bastions of freedom in Florida and Texas. The people who are screeching that the conservatives must stay in hold are fools. There is no chance to overcome the judicial fraud, the legislative path which blocks legal action, and the Federal backing the Marxists now receive.

This is a post mortem for a state which brought us Reagan and morning in America, alas, but now brings us a high tech dystopic state which destroys small businesses, permits crime to be committed against the lower and middle class without consequence, and encourages the importation and merger of other nations without legal processing into their citizenry.

America will soon shatter and split into two or three nations either voluntarily or by force. The choice for those grasping for hope is simple:

Fight in futility like the last Germans did in the basements of Stalingrad praying for rescue, or escape to fight another day against a tyranny which may well absorb our once great nation.

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