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Censorship Shall Rule the 2024 Election Season

For the uninitiated to the conflicts which erupt from Presidential election years, allow me a moment to remind everyone just how bad it can get.

First and foremost, one of my social media accounts, namely my “X” or Twitter account received this notice earlier today:

The 50% of the trailer trash on social media which supports ex-President Trump’s attempt to win reported hundreds of accounts for false violations far tamer than their nonsense than they have been posting online. Why is this important?

It’s no different than the nastiness of the 1800’s where pamphlets were burned, posters torn down, and supporters who spoke out against the preferred candidate were tarred and feathered if one was on the wrong side of the audience. Thus why I warn everyone now to do just one thing:

DO your own damned research about all of the scum.

Censorship is a nasty thing and despite Elon Musk’s proclamations and those of “other” social media honks testifying in front of Congress, the policy of manipulating or censoring speech shall continue unabated because opposition to the grand plan will not be tolerated.

Buckle up folks, it’s not just yours truly being “reported” to the authorities, it’s about to expand exponentially and one day, if left unchecked, it will result in doors being kicked in (again) and people paying the ultimate price.

Like Waco.

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