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DeSantis Administration Unveils New Florida State Slogan: FAFO

The joy of living in Florida is having a real Governor who cares about his constituents. Ron DeSantis cares about not only his supporters but the children in the Free State of Florida.

Need some proof? Check this story out from tonight (From Florida’s Voice):

DeSantis administration is revoking liquor license of Orlando ‘sexual’ drag show venue

Wait, what? A political leader who actually does what he says instead of whining later on in life during an interview with Bob Woodward? Say it ain’t so.

In Florida, it is so:


Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office said the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is “revoking” the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation’s liquor license after a “sexual” drag show permitted entry to minors.

The department said the venue exposed and promoted lewd, obscene, and sexual acts to minors.

“Governor DeSantis stands to protect the innocence of children, and the governor always follows through when he says he will do something,” Press Secretary Bryan Griffin said in a statement.

The complaint said that during the show, “children appearing to be less than 16 years of age”  were exposed to performers wearing “sexually suggestive clothing and prosthetic female genitalia.” Read the full complaint here.

F*ck around, Find out.

And so the freak show proponents did.

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