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Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign is Over by September 2023

The news breaking tonight is nothing more than devastating for that group of cultists I affectionately call “Trumptards” if they have one bit of intellectual honesty left in their souls.

What is it?

Read this excerpt via Newsweek (of all places) from Trump’s interview on the Water Cooler podcast with David Brody:

Host David Brody asked the former president if he would “acknowledge” that the vaccines “were not as safe or effective as we were told by the medical community at the time,” after repeating a number of unsubstantiated anti-vaccine claims.

“I was able to get something approved that, you know, that has proven to have saved a lot of lives,” Trump said, ignoring Brody’s request to weigh in on the anti-vaccine narrative. “Some people say that I saved 100 million lives worldwide.”

So now he is claiming that his policies, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that the mRNA vaccines may not work as intended causing death and injury to people under age 50, saved over 100 million people worldwide.

Yet this clown continues to attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who actually read the data from the Great Barrington Declaration and hard evidence from Sweden while claiming a Big Pharma vaccine is the solution to the “China Virus” as he called it.

But of course in typical Trump fashion, he couldn’t shut his pie hole and let sleeping dogs lie. He said more to rub salt into the wounds of those with dead family members or those crippled by the poorly tested vaccines.

Brody then pushed Trump to declare whether he had “concerns about the safety concerns of these vaccines.”

Trump said that he “always” had concerns but argued that some “reports” were saying the vaccines were “the greatest thing that’s ever happened,” while those that claimed safety issues involved “relatively small numbers.”

“You have to understand, there are the pros and cons,” said Trump. “Some reports [say] that it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened and we saved tens of millions of lives. Then you’ll read other reports [that] say there were some problems with the vaccine…but relatively small numbers.

This is typical of egotistical megalomaniacs. Their versions of events is “always” right while using actual science to dissect, analyze, and review options versus a blanket declaration as he does is a personal attack on him, his family, or the policies he endorsed.

Ignoring the obvious scientific evidence that masks do not work, Trump even succumbed to the mask cult to “satisfy” voters even though states like Florida had long abandoned the mask mandates after solid scientific evidence appeared refuting the need for wearing them.

The horrid management of his campaign thus far, plus continued personal and political attacks on Ron DeSantis are indicative of a rudderless, pathetic, and flailing grasp of the realities facing his efforts to run again and where the American political psychology is now.

The average American is worried about the economy, putting food on the table, and dealing with an oppressive government which his administration allowed to run wild during his last two years in office.

Sadly, the former Narcissist-in-Chief is finding out that the US public is tired of him, and worse, the global elites, be they friend or foe, not longer trust nor fear him.

Donald Trump’s refusal to admit to his mistakes in the Covid era regarding the vaccines and allowing any government, be it at the Federal or State level, to suppress the rights of its citizenry will be his undoing. Myocarditis, memory issues, and other disabilities that are being discovered as directly related to the mRNA vaccines will be pinned on him and his policies only; rightly or wrongly.

Now that he has bragged about them, accepted this ‘great achievement’ as his own, and determined in his own mind that he has saved the world, he gets to eat the disembowelment of his campaign for President in 2023.

Due to a lack of funding, lack of support, open mockery, and the eventual withdrawal of allies in the GOP and elites, he will have to end his campaign no later than Labor Day to mid-September of this year.

Especially after Governor Ron DeSantis announces his candidacy and shreds the bush league Trump JV team for their childish efforts to defend the indefensible.

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