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How to Recognize a Cult

Sorry for the enforced absences this week but due to work and personal affairs to deal with concerning my Mother, it does restrict how much I can time I devote to writing more than 280 characters at a time.

One of the most disturbing things that I have seen in the past week besides the indictment of a former President for political purposes was the mainstreaming of two cults. Neither of which are beneficial to American society nor encouraging with regards to our nation’s future.

First and foremost after the mentally ill transgender person shot up a Christian school, the mainstream media and the White House circled the wagons to defend the gender of this gutless piece of crap with little acknowledgement to the victims or the police who did a magnificent job of putting this animal down.

What is worse, is that the militant transgender cult continues its “day of vengeance” into the end of the week where normal people would have been arrested for behaving as they did in the leftists major cities. As several writers on the internet say, if you live in a major Democrat controlled city, get out now. Oh, and buy lots of guns and ammo.

Another example of this cult-like behavior was glorified by Anheuser-Busch and the company’s decision to name this loon as a “brand ambassador” this week:

For those that are terminally stupid, that is a guy; maybe someone should inform Bud Light of this fact then again they were stupid enough to hire Seth Rogen once before. What is worse is that the American public seems hell bent on ignoring their desire to indoctrinate minors and contaminate any individual’s personal choices unless they approve of them. I’m not saying everyone in that “community” is militant, hateful, or in the camp of indoctrination, but apparently a majority are and they are threat to the basic moral fiber of our nation.

Needless to say, the glorification of mental illness goes on with corporate endorsements while the society they sell the products to continues to disintegrate all around them.

But it’s not a cult they tell us.

Now to the other side of bizarre behavior and no, I’m insinuating that everyone that acts like these nutjobs are necessarily cult members either.

This is just but one of many memes on social media purporting that among the hardcore believers, God sent Donald Trump to save America.

No, seriously.

It’s not just memes however. It’s protests in the streets, entire streaming broadcast networks (with limited viewership), talk radio hosts that were once truly conservative, a nutjob who makes average pillows, and others who act in the same manner. If you don’t support Trump, you are an enemy of the nation!” they scream on their low participation broadcasts.

The real threat is the government using its power to slowly but surely extract any semblance of freedom, be it economic or political, from the nation as a whole, but these lunatics worry more about the rights of guys in dresses to rub nastily on to 8 year old boys or a former reality TV show huckster raising money in the name of Jeeeeeeeeeesus to save him from prosecution because he cheated on his wife with a porn star.

Nation’s, nay, empires that fall into cult worship be it of technology, personalities, sexual identities, or other bizarre religious equivalents usually fail in a spectacular fashion on a much shorter time line.

Pray we wake soon before we wake up divided forever.

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