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It’s All Falling Apart: U.S.A. Edition (Videos)

And it’s only going to accelerate as the summer progresses…


Walmart closes 4 Chicago locations permanently, leaving residents with fewer shopping options

San Francisco:

Roseville, CA:

Los Angeles:

Portland, OR:

Seattle, WA:

Houston, TX:

Lake Elsinore, CA:


New York City, NY:

Philadelphia, PA:

Compton, CA:

Baltimore, MD:

Let it burn.

It is about to get a lot worse.

It’s time for the national divorce.

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  1. ontoiran ontoiran 04/23/2023

    destroying THEIR cities and communities? no. they didn’t build that. they didn’t contribute to that. they don’t know how to do anything but destroy and take. those cities belong to ALL of us

    • ImaMeatPopsicle ImaMeatPopsicle 04/24/2023

      Black people built America the way Sub-Saharan Africans built Egypt. It never happened.

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