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It’s Martini Monday: Doberman Meets Commie Sissy Dog (Live Video)

Ah yes, one of the most anticipated events tonight begins at 7 p.m. Eastern time here in the Free State of Florida.

IN this corner:

And in this corner, a communist pussy:

Needless to say, I’ve picked my favorite and that is a Russian Standard martini, super light on the vermouth, with 3 olives. Oh, and of course, the Doberman, Heavy D to annihilate this hypocritical underwear stain on our great state.

My great readers can watch this train wreck on WFLA TV Channel 8 in Tampa via this stream:

I figure this will be a 4 martini debate because it is going to be so much fun watching the Marxist assclown explain why his campaign manager quit due to spousal abuse plus how he couldn’t even hold a job down at Morgan and Morgan, the largest commielib lawyer’s group in the nation.

Goodbye and good riddance once and for all Charlie, Florida is not going to miss you or that idiot Jeb! so just relax and take this ass-kicking like the sissy you are.

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