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The Democrat Party Must be Destroyed

Before any of you leftist lunatics start hyperventilating about my desire to have every one of you communists destroyed and vanquished into the memory hole of history, please understand the following:

Yes, I want you vanquished and everything about your party and persons salted like the plains of Carthage.

The time to negotiate with the modern American Marxist version of the IWW is over.

Folks, there are idiots like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity who claim that “I have Democrat friends” and we should try to work with them, which means that they are willing to trade some of your freedoms to just get along. This might have worked fifty years ago, but not today.

To make matters even worse, now the Marxist propaganda organs which are dying without government assistance have gone over the deep end in an effort to back up their extremist ideals:

Personally speaking, I shall take uncivilized places with freedom for $1000, Alex.

Thus bringing me to the primary point of this editorial:

The time for “getting along” with Communists, yes, Communists, is long over.

The following poll results from Rasmussen might just explain why:

I would tell them to go to hell, but that isn’t strong enough. However, it gets worse:

There is no negotiation with a party which has supporters like this.

There is no reasoning with your neighbor if they say they are a Democrat.

There is no cooperating, working with, compromising with people like this.

The battle for “ideas” is over, it is now a war on you, the individual and your family.

They must be destroyed. Eradicated. A mistake in the fabric of history, just like the USSR, they must be cast out and never allowed to hold power beyond the rank of school hall monitor ever again.

Whatever it takes, with great dispatch before our nation is imperiled further, and I mean now.

Or else America, as we know it, shall perish forever.

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  1. ontoiran ontoiran 01/17/2022

    “Or else America, as we know it, shall perish forever.”
    ahh negative ghost rider. it would only be endangered until the last commie was drug out of his hidey hole, dispatched, and the shooting stopped

  2. Corgi the Banned Corgi the Banned 01/18/2022

    Amen. There’s absolutely nothing left to “talk about” with the left at this point. They’re at war and Republicans are still crying about “hands across the isle” and civility. It’s retarded.

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