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The Destruction of the US Military is Now Complete

And all it took was a Senile Old Fool doing the dirty work for the communists…

Let’s all jump into the way, way, way back machine when James Earl Carter (God I miss him now) was President of the United States. The movie Stripes was an awesome comedy which pretty much summed up the state of our military readiness in 1980 as a joke, before Ronald Reagan saved the day.

The US military was in full implosion mode. Our only realistic line of defense was the US Air Force and the US Navy’s nuclear missile subs. The Army couldn’t stop a Girl Scout brigade if they had crossed into Berlin. The inept leadership couldn’t even plan an effective rescue without sending too many troops and the wrong type of equipment into Iran to free the hostages. And worse, the USSR knew this and was conquering territories throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia without having to directly confront any of the Cold War NATO dinosaurs in Europe.

Along comes President Reagan and a new dedication to defeating communism on a global scale. After eight years of robust economic growth and a strong strategic plan, the US military was reborn and expanded to the point where even the USSR was worried about a conflict with the US, eventually leading to the bankruptcy and end of their forces as they languished in Afghanistan (sound familiar?).

Today our military has turned into a freaking joke. I have outlined in several articles how the influence of Obama’s globalist touts and destruction of the upper echelon of the officer corps has diminished our force effectiveness. President Trump tried to save it, but even the officers resisted his changes and demanded that his orders be ignored (a court martial violation) but none were prosecuted and the military was strongly divided during the 2020 election.

With the ascension of the circus clowns now in charge, our military has become the laughing stock of the world. Hell, it might as well be renamed the Roman Legion in Drag. Don’t believe me, turn up the volume and listen to this “drill Sergeant” who is not wearing a mask performing a cadence during PT with soldiers who are drilling with masks (ugh!):

The poster is correct, America is beyond fucked. The cadence has been in use for years from what I have been told and so what, it sucks only because is it politically correct. Give me some old school stuff like I sill use when I engage in a morning 2 K walk (sometimes with a weighted pack if I’m climbing again):

So for those that will say “this is just an old white racist posting about a black female drill Sergeant” blah, blah, blah, kiss my ass.

What is truly worse is we are training these people to be weak. Ignore the cadence. Look at the Tweet with the video one more time. Why in the hell are people who are lowest risk of death from Covid-19, aka, the China Virus, wearing masks OUTDOORS?

This is pathetic. We are training our soldiers to be weak, pathetic, and dependent. Why in the world are these people being trained to be scared? I mean it is the Army, which explains a lot, but this is how wars are lost, when people are trained to fear things that they should not.

Including a virus or a hard core communist enemy, like China.

Edit to add:

I missed this earlier. Just to add another facepalm because there’s never anything more fun than a competition to see how fast our nation’s enemies can develop the capability to destroy us.

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