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The US Will Lose the Next Major Global War

The headlines recently along with social media postings, say it all.

Let’s start with today’s insanity:

For some strange reason, I think my old ass with bad knees, an older back, and always carrying extra ammo could out hike whatever that is in the video above with my weapons collection, vest, and an 80 lb pack; in the Florida heat.

Then there is this beauty of a story from

Air Mobility Command Removes Tail Numbers and Unit Info from Planes, Alarming Watchdogs

So now if a war breaks out on a global scale, any plane of that type is fair game because our enemies will not know if it is a US aircraft or some other nation’s. Brilliant. Because I wouldn’t trust our nation to not use transponder codes of other nations to mask our government’s intentions.

Then there is this tragedy which reminds everyone how bad it is getting, from

Marines shut down elite scout sniper platoons in favor of all-weather, info-gathering units

If a major war breaks out, the United States recon and forward operating small unit concept will pay a huge price. This is insanity or a deliberate effort to weaken the capabilities of the one of the truly elite groups in our infantry inventory.

Thankfully, our military has its priorities for the next big war all ready to go per the

Troops can take three weeks off to travel for abortions, IVF treatment

Good deal. Now we don’t have to worry about “clumps of cells” going into battles with the All-American Amazon Battalion.

Also from the Military Times, this highlight of what our military is working on now:

Pentagon UFO chief says alien mothership in our solar system possible

Ummm, China? Hello?

But let’s think positive. The US has a fantastic defense industry. We’ll be able to fight a major war for many, many years, right?

From the National Review:

Raytheon CEO Outlines Severe Depletion of Javelin and Stinger Stockpiles amid Ukraine Aid Push


“The problem is we have consumed so much supply in the first ten months of the war,” he said. “We’ve essentially used up 13 years’ worth of Stinger production and five years’ worth of Javelin production.”

Sleep tight America General Austin will protect you.

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  1. Daniel Barger Daniel Barger 03/09/2023

    In the next major global war odds are EVERYBODY loses. Because the odds are near 100% that the next major global war will see widespread use of nukes and other WMDs.

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 03/10/2023

      It’s about to start…buckle up.

  2. ontoiran ontoiran 03/09/2023

    i think taiwan is the big prize. it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that china and russia started the ukraine thing to draw down our supplies and make an invasion of taiwan easier

    • Gowronismyspiritanimal Gowronismyspiritanimal 03/10/2023

      A Chinese military victory and seizure of Taiwan would be a historical moment, and would definitely be first in consideration for an event that = end of American empire.

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