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Tonight’s US Media is Why the USA is a Clown Show

“Wow” does not describe it.

Fox News goes all in Russia, Russia, Russia highlighting the Russiagate controversy even though everyone knew about it.

CNNisFakeNews has Senator Jim Risch (R-ID) and Erin Burnett asks the dumbest question ever.

MSDNC has Joy Reid doing what?

“Right Wing Freaks Out over Super Bowl Halftime Show”

NewsMax goes “Trump was Right Again” and Russiagate also.

Of course, CNBS, America’s financial news network equivalent of the old Pravda from the Soviet Union, focuses on a gay guy highlighting a Russian figure skater who roided up for the 2022 Winter Olympics that no one with two brain cells is watching.

Meanwhile in Eastern Europe a war which could cost America billions of dollars and then some is about to erupt.

Way to focus on what could be the end of American Hegemony ladies. Nice job.

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