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Trump goes Full Trumptard


I voted for the man in 2020, I admit it. But this is just sad.

I lost a lot of readers in 2016 when I endorsed Ted Cruz, and yes Ted, I still want my money back.

But Governor Ron DeSantis has done nothing to attack, impugn, or slander The Donald. In fact he had his back in 2020 and delivered Florida for him by strengthening our election security laws and removing corrupt officials in hardcore blue counties which allowed violations of our state’s election laws.

The immaturity by Trump is only usurped by his hypocrisy. DeSantis went against Team Trump by opening the state up after only two weeks of the Fauci-Trump lockdown recommendations. Hell, our company re-opened after 36 hours only to flourish as our state’s economy exploded in late 2020.

For Trump to go Full Metal Trumptard again and attack DeSantis is not bewildering, it’s part of his past. This picture is all one needs to know about him:

To this day, Trump has yet to repudiate the vaccine failure, the mistakes of listening to Birx and Fauci, nor make amends for leading people into believing that he was or is a conservative. By following his son-in-law, Jared, he has demonstrated an innate ability to engage in Democrat-Lite policy under the guise of Reagan Republicanism. And that is the sign of a good salesman; sadly, a shitty used car salesman.

You’re losing the support of Floridians Donald with these petty attacks. Pick a new home state please so you can show and expand your true RINO-lite colors.

Delaware would work perfectly..

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