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VA & NJ Political Circus: I hope I am Wrong BUT…

I do not think that I am.

As of 8:25 p.m. ET on November 2nd, here is the breakdown of the two races by state. First Virginia courtesy of Decision Desk HQ via

Next up NJ via

What does all this mean?

  1. New Jersey – That’s easy. The Democrats do not have to cheat because they already own the state. Phil Murphy wins re-election and goes Full Metal Newsom restricting the freedoms of the state and destroying what’s left of that toilet.
  2. Virginia – Also an easy one. If McAuliffe looks like he’s losing, his opponent has an Arkanicide accident on the way to his victory speech (just kidding). In reality the cheating has already begun in Fairfax County and by tomorrow night, Thursday night at the latest, the Marxists will steal this election also because the stupid party will bow down like Lindsey Graham in a rest area and give the race to them.

It’s that simple. Go to bed. I hope and pray I’m wrong but American politics has become a class A shit show which makes Vladimir Putin and Xi jealous just because they don’t dare put on the entertainment narrative to attract ratings in their own nations. Fox News will spew BS, the usual mainstream propaganda suspects Mega-BS, and in the end what’s left of the “print” media will proclaim that this is a validation of Bidenism, even if he sleeps through it.

If I am wrong, I will be happy to admit it. However 2020 has turned America into a giant banana republic, well on its way to deteriorating into a full blown Soviet style split nation.

Similar to Yugoslavia in 1991.

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  1. jerry jerry 11/03/2021

    Looks like Terry may have been sacrificed, so that the illusion of free and fair elections could be resurrected.

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 11/04/2021

      It only took 12 hours for them to start cheating in NJ again, LOL.

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