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What Part of the Phrase “Sanctuary City” Does New York City’s Mayor Adams not Understand?

Yes, this is a rhetorical question.

However it is based in fact after he whined about having to actually deal with an minor influx of illegal aliens as opposed to states like Arizona, Texas, and yes, even my beloved Florida.

Senile Joe had no problem illegally flying hundreds, perhaps thousands of “minors” in their mid-20’s here so why is the Marxist Democrat Mayors of other cities whining?

Are they racist against Latinos/LatinX?


From the New York Post tonight:

Hundreds of migrants line up at NYC hospital for healthcare, food, free phones

The headline says it all; they are whining because in the past the “elites” of New York City could care less if it was Orlando, Miami, or Dallas. Now it is there “precious” crime ridden city of Marxist scum and they claim they can not handle it.

From the article:

“I’m feeling well now, but I wasn’t. I was uncomfortable on the bus. The bathroom on the bus was closed for several hours,” Quintana said.

“I came to New York to get away from the delinquency in Venezuela, cops in the streets, armed people. I want to work and progress.”

A rep for Medicaid provider MetroPlusHealth, which co-sponsored the event, said it expected about 1,200 migrants, mostly children, to attend.

At least some of the migrants had been bussed to New York City by Texas’s Republican governor, who has raged about what he calls Dem President Joe Biden’s out-of-control lax border policies, while also targeting Democratic city mayors.

The migrants crossed the Mexico border into Texas illegally, then said they were seeking asylum, which allows them to legally stay in the US while their cases wind through the courts.

MetroPlusHealth said it was offering at least temporary healthcare coverage for the migrants at Sunday’s event.

The line to get into the event on the hospital’s Great Lawn stretched down the block.

It is so obvious that Democrat cities are bigoted against Latinos. Because when the illegals were dumped on our cities and states by the Biden Junta, they never said a word.

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