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02.17.22 War Drums: 1700 Update-Heavy Shelling Continues in Donbass Region

Sitzkreig aka СИДЕНЬЯ ВОЙНЫ

Welcome to the 2022 version of “sitzkreig” designed to wear down the West (again) and mock the idiocy of NATO’s policies until it is too late.

In 1940, the Nazi Germans finished their victory in Poland, moved west and threatened the rest of Europe to the English Channel and North Sea. In the interim before their move against Belgium, France, and Holland, the “Sitzkreig” or “phony war” ensued. Nothing happened. Oh, there was occasional trading of shelling, some sporadic spying activity, observation flights, aircraft encounters, etc., but in the end, it was just that; a non-event.

Then suddenly it wasn’t.

If this author is correct, the world is in that phase. When it ends, a lightning war, aka, Blitzkrieg, of historic proportions unseen since 1940 will envelope the poor citizens of Ukraine. The “West” will be shocked, horrified, then stunned that the “slavish” were capable of such a modern warfare concept.

In the end, it will reflect 25 years of ignorance, blissful wishful thinking, and the beginning of a new era in the world which marks the end of Pax Americana.

What will truly shock the world is the speed, and ability, of the Russian forces to win this battle. If Putin backs down, odds are he will not be long for the world and his leadership will be quite short lived.

This is an all or nothing proposition; if Putin fails to win this gambit politically and/or militarily, he will be replaced by a hardliner. If he wins and the nation of Ukraine is re-abosrbed into the Russian sphere, he resigns as a hero, helping to restore the old Soviet model.

Tonight, the news is still dire. And until there is concrete evidence of a full Russian withdrawal, remember the following story from the New York Times in 2008:

02.17.22 1700 ET UPDATE:

THE most important reminder tweet of the day:

Meanwhile in the Donbass:

Ouch. This is not a good sign heading into the evening.

People are on pins and needles throughout Eastern Ukraine tonight as this Tweet also demonstrates:

Meanwhile in the Kursk region:

In the Donbass region, things are seriously heating up:

More helicopter squadrons are re-locating closer to the border so this is getting spicier by the minute:

More to come after midnight UTC tonight with tomorrow’s thread.


02.17.22 0500 ET UPDATE:

Here we go, and as one of the better Twitter accounts from Europe Marqs just posted:

The trading of heavy shelling in Donetsk and Lugansk regions is not a good start:

The UK Daily Mail has picked up on this activity also:

Is this the trigger for WAR? Artillery fire rings out in eastern Ukraine as Kiev’s forces and Russian-backed rebels blame each other for shelling of kindergarten amid fears Putin will use the strike as a pretext for invasion

If indeed that bridge is still up in the next 3 days, something really bad is on the immediate horizon. I still think it will not start until the February 20-23rd window.

Burning documents perhaps?

Meanwhile, America’s “intelligence” community continues to provide fodder for the Russian state media (via RT):

Russia’s non-invasion was latest CIA blunder – Czech president


Spies announce new Russian invasion timeframe

The US defense/intel community is providing the propaganda, no reason for the Russians to use ZeroHedge or “other” infiltrated media.

And more…distraction or?

Almost as if on schedule:

And a major “red flag” about this shelling exchange between both sides in the Donbass region this morning:

Stay tuned to Telegram and other social media folks as this story could develop rapidly. I will provide a daily summary at 1700 ET today.


And before I crash for a fresh 5 hours or so of sleep, here is the headline of the night via Der Spiegel’s international version. It’s a “wow” by any standard of journalism in the modern era:

Is Vladimir Putin Right?

Wow. The German government just conceded what the BoJo and Bidenista juntas never wanted to admit. How? Check out this excerpt:

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were interested in joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which was a source of concern to the Russian president. Of course, Yeltsin noted, every country can decide for itself what alliance it would like to be a part of. But the Russian public, he continued, saw the eastern expansion of NATO as “as a sort of neo-isolation” of Russia, a factor, he insisted, that must be taken into account. Yeltsin also made a reference to the Two Plus Four Treaty pertaining to Germany’s reunification in 1990. “The spirit of the treaty,” he wrote, “precludes the option of expanding the NATO zone into the East.”

That letter marked the first time that Russia had accused the West of having broken its word. And despite the fact that the Americans rejected the accusation, a resolution to the conflict has never been found – a situation which has had far-reaching consequences stretching to the present-day. There is essentially no other historical issue that has poisoned relations between Moscow and the West as much in the last three decades as the disagreement over what, precisely, was agreed to in 1990.

It is a historical reminder of a stab in the back of what the newly liberated Russians thought would mean peace in their time. Instead Clinton, Soros, and the West broke their word and expanded rapidly to create a “world” police force.

The backfire on this is now.


On to tonight’s headlines and tomorrow’s as presented before…

From Tass:

Biden, Scholz discuss results of their talks with Putin and Zelensky – White House

Needless to say, everything is awesome, right?

Nothing bad can happen there, right?

Everything is awesome?

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a good life to me.

Welp, that’s reassuring, sort of.

From the BBC, earlier today:

And even “more training”…

But it is just “an exercise” or is it…

Thankfully, Vladimir Putin is not the “aggressive” KGB sort…

Sleep tight folks, I’ll be back with more after 0400 tomorrow.

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  1. ontoiran ontoiran 02/17/2022

    in all of your videos i have yet to see 1 soldier or sailor in high heels; or any male officers dressed as women. HAHAHA…they are SO FUCKED!

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 02/17/2022

      You mean real soldiers, LOL.

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