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Old guys rule.

Unfortunately that is a formula, the one which is guiding the West into a disaster of historic proportions.

More on basic math later on in this piece.

Last night Tucker Carlson went on one of his epic rants which basically warned everyone about what is and is about to happen to the “West” a group of foolish nations in the European Union and the unofficial North American Union. Mexico has wisely bowed out of this insanity to a large degree, yet will not remain unscathed, so in reality it is just Canada and America, two nations which have decided to hold hands on the way to economic suicide.

The rant below gives you a clue to the immediate future:

Nothing to worry about if you get your information from government approved sources.

If one has been reading the doom in these pages, well, you my good friends would know all about it.

Tucker has a way, due to the size of his audience, to scare the shit out of the common man and out of his slumber while watching the Faux News Channel. Of course, he’s the only show worth watching on that alt-propaganda broadcaster there so consider this author a severely biased observer.

Suppose that you, my reader, has watched the video, read the warnings and determined that there have not been enough facts to support all the doom. Then you have not been reading Zero Hedge, or following Doomberg on Twitter, reading, or paying attention to what is lurking behind the scenes in the Middle East as the United States begins its long painful sunset into oblivion.

The game is about to end and the West will be the bag holders for the most expensive decline and fall in global history. Alternately, the BRICS nations and those wishing to associate and join the alternative economic bloc see the fallacy before them, and are rapidly divorcing from this unipolar vision not due to politics, but for the survival of their nations. This divide is becoming more apparent on a daily basis as the collapse has been documented in these pages with riots, conflicts, and more. How have the masses become so distracted from this reality? Because the education systems of the West has indoctrinated generations of souls to think that affordable energy is an entitlement, not a tool for a strong civilization.

Energy is the key to a productive society. Cheap energy is the key to maximizing profits and expanding a capitalist society because it introduces natural efficiencies which overcome the drag created by economic growth and government interjecting itself into the business cycle. So why in the world would the national leaders of the West elect to restrict the use of and expansion of cheap, viable energy to continue or maintain a standard of living that has been enjoyed since the late 1950’s?

The shortsightedness of the Europeans is starting to show up as energy prices soar. This receipt from a small mom and pop cafe in Ireland of the new “increased” power bills should be a hint:

For the binary code and math impaired that is 134.75 Euros per day (about the same in dollars) for the billing period. And that price is projected to double or triple in the next 60 days.

Imagine running a small business with 5, just 5 employees. Then finding out that your energy costs, a basic requirement, is going to increase 50% to over 300% in less than 4 months. Your choices are to close or lay off three people to survive and pray prices drop by December. But wait, you live in a socialist utopia so laying off people may not be possible without a penalty. Hence you are living in Atlas Shrugged even if you didn’t read the damned book.

Ayn Rand was right so you have to expeditiously shut down your small company before the government bans that also.

The landlord who owns the property where your business was sees the other six small businesses occupying his property shut down also. He eventually has to declare bankruptcy stiffing the bank. The bank takes over the property but business loans, even with government support, are too stiff for anyone to speculate at the idea of starting up a business so now the bank needs a bail out. Which means the socialist government increases fees and taxes on the so-called surviving “big bad businesses” who have higher energy costs also and have to start laying people off. They can’t get jobs at restaurants because they are automating to overcome the higher energy costs or just shutting down. The unemployed can not get jobs at WalMart or Target because they have started laying people off due to reduced sales. Hell, even the Dollar (Twenty-Five) Tree stops hiring because they can not economically operate but 8 hours per day and cash flow is stifled. On and on it goes until the entire economy collapse into a hyperinflationary depression.

What is a hyperinflationary depression?

Read my article titled Weimarica from fifteen years ago then fast forward to today.

The idea I speculated on in 2007 was that the government working with the central bank (the Fed) would use inflation to pay off their ill gotten poor bets on housing and debt the member banks and governments created. Now that the bill is coming due, the inflation is out of control and using the only tool the Fed has, the attempt to crush inflation before it goes much higher is at hand. After the hyperinflationary period is over, everything is reset to a new currency, a new valuation, and a prolonged period of sustained low growth for many, many years barring a global conflict to re-ignite the government induced economic expansion.

To a central banker, everything looks like a nail so they grab a screwdriver. Instead of solving the problem like Volcker did with great pain in the early 1980’s, the modern bankster elects to tinker and claim that they have “evolved” since those primitive post-gold standard days. In reality they will eventually have to raise interest rates beyond the 20% level to kill the very hyperinflation they created; along with any economic growth for at least a decade.

But what does that accomplish?


Why is this? Because it destroys the very energy industry necessary to restart the economy from a depression as it requires cheap, viable capital for investment. And in this current era, the definition of cheap energy is not determined by markets, but unicorn poop snorting psychopaths which are actually Marxists masquerading as “green” saviors of Mother Gaia. By eradicating access to a cheap, consistent energy supply under the banner of “Modern Monetary Theory” and environmental Marxism energy prices will climb higher and eventually a great reset will be required to get a basic economic system functioning again.

Sound familiar?

Regardless of the outcome it does not change the formula which is the title of this article. No matter what the elites tell you, a total of zero plus zero still equals zero. And our society is heading towards Ø at a pace so frightening the average citizen will plead with their political leadership to do whatever it takes to fix it.

The “solution” for a desperate family is up to and including selling out their own freedoms and yours for free Soylent, a restored retirement account in whatever CBDC exists, and peace in our time.

Got candles?

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