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Soylent America

I can’t wait until it’s Friday again, let’s all celebrate America as Friday is Soylent Green Day!

For those of us as old as myself or fans of classic science fiction movies, those readers might well get that dig at our current situation.

The reality though is far more terrifying. Let us start with an article from the online cattle farming magazine Drover’s from January 18, 2022:

Here’s Why Fed Cattle Prices Could Reach $180 by 2024

Thankfully for cattle farmers but not the American public, we’ve already blown through that number:

Oof. Or Moo. Depending on one’s perspective.

Could this trend along with the persistent inflation be the cause of the recent “eat the bugs” memes everyone is witnessing on the internet?

Perhaps this story via Legal Insurrection from January 25, 2022 reflects as to why the situation is about to enter into a much more critical phase:

“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy”

That phrase from 1896 rings true then and now.

Here is what others have warned about, as far back as March 9, 2022:

US commodity crisis to give rise to new world order, says Credit Suisse’s Zoltan Pozsar

Key highlight:

We are witnessing the birth of Bretton Woods III – a new world (monetary) order cantered around commodity-based currencies in the East that will likely weaken the euro-dollar system and also contribute to inflationary forces in the West.

And so we have. The BRICS are discussing a new, alternative non-dollar based global reserve currency for their part of the world; which encompasses 2/3rds of the global population.

The impact on the food chain for the Western world is obvious. And disgusting.

In fact the blame and the warning were issued on March 24, 2022 (via the UK Daily Mail):

Biden warns food shortages are ‘going to be real’ across the globe because of Putin invading the world’s ‘breadbasket’ Ukraine

Thus the shortages Americans, Europeans, and the “Western” world are now enduring are not only due to “climate change” but also Russia, Russia, Russia.

The truth?

It’s all been planned and prepared. Now the United States, North American losers nations, and Eurosocialists have been promoting absurd nonsense to convert the politicians into a mindset that the disparate hunger and food shortages we are about to endure are the fault of everyone but themselves.

How absurd has the food price inflation become? Walgreen’s (Duane Reade’s in New York City) has had to lock down their Spam and canned ham products.

In the video below , John Catsimatidis, the owner and CEO of New York City supermarket chain Gristedes, told everyone what would happen way back in April:

And now it has.

Thankfully There is A Final Solution

Shortages just do not naturally occur in a major global integrated system.

They are planned.

And the impacts of this coming crisis are still not recognized by the masses as this story from Reuters on June 27th:

‘Off the charts’ chemical shortages hit U.S. farms

But why would the global elites “plan” to introduce a final solution to fix a problem they created which impacts billions of people. Keep in mind the ideas of the World Economic Forum crowd tried using the climate change myth to terrorize the average person into believing that their own daily activities will cause mass starvation and require a new order to restore the balance.

Yet the climate change myth will not go away, as even today, they are using that to explain away the deliberate use of economic and government mismanagement impacting agriculture today:

What Comes After the Coming Climate Anarchy?

What better way to prove their point and install a new order by introducing famine, shortages and starvation with ready made solutions for the survivors to win the day.

Thus they have begun the program where riots are breaking out globally, the de-agriculturization of “advanced” societies to impose dependency, and lastly to starve out all resistance to a new financial and political system for the world. If the “unsystemized” refuse to cooperate, governments can cancel their access to the economic system, deny them the privilege of shelter, and prevent them from participation in simple things like medical care, car ownership, and yes, food.

I did not choose these words to mock or deride The Holocaust under the Nazis; nay, I chose them deliberately to reflect that the same ideology which made that horrid event in history possible is alive and well in the modern era by rebranding old ideologies as new modern versions of a quasi-Nationalist Marxist system.

So What do the Survivors Eat?

Soylent Green? Not yet.

Apparently not meat:

Probably not eggs or poultry either:

Get Ready for $1 Per Egg: USDA Forecast Predicts Highest Food Inflation Since 1980

But let’s try this out already being fed to gullible Canadians as a “healthy” alternative:

And yes, this company is proud of this:

Hungry yet?

Maybe larva butter will wet your appetite:

Waiter, there’s a fly in my waffle: Belgian researchers try out insect butter

The sad part is that Europe is way ahead in the propaganda promotion of protein alternatives with stories like this from the BBC:

Or this story about Burger King in Austria (from the Vegconomist):

“Normal or With Meat?”: All Burger King Items Are Plant-Based in Austrian Experiment, Meat Must be Requested


And the European Union propagandists are going to shame their people while reducing farming as a necessary industry throughout the union.

I could post story after story. Headline after headline. Yet so few will put it all together.

The truth is that once the winnowing of the elites is complete, only the “acceptable” serfs will be allowed to live, rent, work, and commute in their new utopia.

And when the bugs run thin or the chemically produced food plant fails to meet its government mandated output of Soylent Blue or Red, the world will turn to the age old solution of eliminating the unproductive souls to make sure the young and enslaved survive.

Remember, Soylent Green as your favorite meal, produced by Soylent America Inc., is the final destination.

If you fail to prepare that is.

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