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01.18.22 Markets Looking Dicey

Last night when this author decided to grab some sleep, it looked like the Goldman Sachs earning report would be enough to prevent a down market after the day off. The warnings from GS on energy prices and the dramatic move in the 2 year US Treasury yield didn’t seem to have an effect.

Then we all get to wake up to headlines like these:


Yes, hamsters, per this story from the South China Morning Post:

2,000 hamsters to be culled in Hong Kong over fears of animal-to-human Covid-19 link

Now it’s not just the economists at the major central banks playing whack a mole apparently.

Needless to say, all of this news has caused the US futures to turn south overnight:

It will be interesting to see if the little rodents get the blame for a sell off or if the big rodents at the Fed can talk this market back up today with the 2 year now above 1.03%. Stay tuned as this could be one wild ride across the board today, especially in the energy markets.

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