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03.11.22 Russia-Ukraine War: Stumbling Towards World War III

The United States and European Union imposed a massive wave of sanctions which were designed to break the willingness of the Russian people to fight and the financial ability to maintain the war inside of Ukraine. How’s that working out for the poor who will be unable to afford basic food staples in the months ahead?

Unfortunately for our Ivy League losers in charge of our foreign policy, this has created some unintended blow back against not only the policies, but the international economy as a whole. With Russia cutting off food and fertilizer exports, instead of softening the Russian people up it has created the potential for food shortages and hyperinflation in the West.

The bigger issue is that the Russian people are now hardening against the West and trust this author, the Chinese people are watching this and agreeing that this is a cabal of Washington, DC aligned globalists looking to overthrow their nation’s future ambitions also. The consequence of this is to rebuild the Iron Curtain and put the EU on the front lines, again, of a potential global conflict involving nuclear weapons.

Clint Ehrlich made another appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program again last night and outlined some of the problems with the sanctions:

The West’s actions by reimposing the Iron Curtain, begs a return of the old anti-American non-aligned movement along with the anti-colonial group of nations which despise the Europeans to the forefront of global politics. Even in this modern era, many nations in the Third World still have hardened feelings towards the West, even if they do not profess any loyalty to China or Russia. This is especially true after failed US high and low intensity wars in Afghanistan, El Salvador, Iraq, and throughout Africa.

The stage is being set for World War III and yet our feckless leaders in Washington have no idea they are stumbling and bumbling into a conflict the West is ill prepared for.

On to the war updates and as usual, I shall attempt to update throughout the day via my Telegram channel.

Mariupol and Chernihiv continue to get hammered:

More video showing Mariupol getting hammered by MLRS:

The western parts of Ukraine are now getting softened up by Russian missile and air strikes:

And the airport in Lutsk also:

The target appears to be the only Mig 29 engine factory:

Now Dnipro, as long projected here, is under attack:

The new strategy, which should have been the original strategy, of bypassing and encircling major cities appears to be well under way with important factories, airports, and utility facilities being seized or destroyed throughout the country. From the BBC:

Meanwhile, some UkAF planes are still trying to stay in the fight:

More to come later tonight and all day via my Telegram channel.

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