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A Chilling Prediction for 2024 (Video)

Please keep in mind this is not some talk radio paranoid lunatic trying to get ratings. The individual in this video has been quite logical, persuasive, and factual in his evaluation of what is happening not just in Ukraine, but within our own government of recent times. Colonel MacGregor has been prescient in many things but his ties to those still trying to fight the good fight within the monster of Rome on the Potomac has been a terrifying trip into just how corrupt our nation has become, and worse, how far our once proud military has fallen.

The following is an excerpt from a video interview produced by Valuetainment, and the two minutes of it from the start is an eye opener.

If he is correct, the problems we are witnessing domestically and internationally now will pale by comparison.

Sadly, I do not think I’m too far off the mark in saying I might have to agree with his statement.

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