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A Humiliated Joe Biden Leaves Saudi Arabia Empty Handed

In what can only be described as a mission to politically placate President Biden by allowing him to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudis have won the day. Biden, as usual, left the meeting today empty handed, without any promises or commitments to more oil exports or production and little if any progress towards the Saudis joining the Abraham Accords.

In other words Biden’s inept and inexperienced team did nothing more than give credibility to the House of Saud in the region while ensuring that OPEC and Russia will continue to dictate the price of crude oil and its supply on a global basis.

The meetings which allegedly took place where the White House once again spun up a false story about how Senile Joe broached the death of the “journalist” Jamal Khashoggi with the Crown Prince have been vehemently refuted by the Saudi Government. The response in fact was somewhat humiliating for Biden if one reads what the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has issued as a statement as to their account of the meeting.

From the Arab News story, Saudi FM provides account of Crown Prince-Biden Khashoggi discussion today:

Prince Farhan said the crown prince told Biden that “these mistakes happen in any country, including the US.”

Ouch. But it got worse as the Saudis reminded Biden of other US human rights violations:

The crown prince referred to American excesses and human rights violations in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and the 2021 drone strike in Afghanistan that wiped out a whole family.

I’m sure Senile Joe has no clue as to what the crown prince was talking about as his memory lasts as long as an ice cream cone in the desert heat. The Foreign Minister finished off his admonishment of the Biden regime with this statement, which truly sums up how incompetent the Biden team is:

Prince Farhan said that the crown prince told the US leader that “it is absolutely important that values be spread through dialogue. Trying to impose your values on others is not going to be effective. It will get you a negative reaction. The right way to try to put your values forward is to show the world that you adhere to those values first.

In other words, Biden and his child team were told to go piss up a camel’s leg.

The real insult however was found in this one excerpt from the article linked above, one which should be bullish for Brent Crude futures:

Prince Faisal said that the summit did not discuss the issue of oil production, adding that OPEC + continues its work to assess the markets and what they need.

So for two solid months the selling job to the domestic fakestream media in the US was that President Senility was going to go over to Saudi Arabia and insist that they increase their production to lower oil and gas prices or else.

“Or else” it turns out to be as empty as a camel fart into the desert winds. The instability of American leadership may well be just the excuse that the House of Saud needs not only to have “maintenance” issues with its dwindling oil reserves but also to justify a greater insult which will further isolate the US foreign influence in the region.

Perhaps now, after the US media finishes a highly negative portrayal of the Saudis as they usually do, the nation of Saudi Arabia will join the BRICS nations and cause a massive shift in the balance of economic power in the world far greater than the Ukraine War or any proclamation issued by Senile Joe.

In the mean time, from an American perspective, the meetings in the Middle East went as most realists observed and projected they would:

An abject and total failure, just like the Biden administration.

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