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A Twitter Thread Indicating the Prelude to the Upcoming US-China War



Yes, war. Unfortunately for the average sheeple in the USA the concept of actual conflict, combat, and pain has been sterilized via video games, Hollywood inspired TV news coverage, and shunting veterans who have issues into the shadows of society.

But war comes in many forms. Sometimes it is terrorism, sometimes it happens with guerillas fighting in the dark, and then there are levels of economic war which usually lead to a direct military conflict.

Prior to World War II the United States began embargoes of raw materials which were important to the production of military goods for the Japanese empire. Eventually this lead to the Japanese launching a gamble on December 7, 1941 far ahead of when their military leaders would have preferred to got to war with the United States.

Fast forward to October 14, 2022.

The People’s Republic of China was placed under an extreme economic embargo designed to deny the People’s Liberation Army of the technological capabilities and advantages currently enjoyed by the US and its allies. The headlines said it all:

China’s Semiconductor Industry ‘Decapitated Overnight’: What ‘Annihilation Looks Like’

While this may well slow down the development within China’s artificial intelligence industry, it will not stop China from advancing the ability to increase output of semiconductors needed for its defense apparatus.

The following thread illustrates the impact and I shall only interject my analysis throughout it as warranted:

There was a lot of commentary about this statement I highlighted above. This primarily refers to green card holders and those Chinese citizens granted dual citizenship and permitted to work in China. Thus why they have to leave and apparently the Chinese government will let them and their families leave.

The ASML image, enlarged:

Back to Jordan’s thread:

The problem is not the sanctions themselves. It’s that America’s decision at this moment appears to be an indication of weakness, knowing full well that should an all out conventional conflict break out in China’s back yard, that the Pentagon would lose.

Unfortunately for America and the narrow minded political elites, decades of largess and slothful behavior are now going to come home to roost. A fat, slovenly population which has ignored the pleas of the globe to pull in our globalist intentions was ignored. Now, when the USA and the West will need the allies in the third world the most, they will turn our back on us as we begin to suffer.

The economic war is about to begin.

And American dependency on deflated prices for Chinese goods is about to backfire spectacularly at every level of American society.

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