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A Very Interesting and Dangerous Week Ahead

This could be one of the most interesting and dangerous weeks in world history.

A crazy or bold statement, perhaps, but the average American is so pathetically disinterested in reality that when events begin to unwind on a global basis they simply defer to the government “experts” rather than research what is happening and why.

Today for example President Biden is visiting Ukraine, something that will definitely elicit a response from President Putin.

Meanwhile, Wang Yi arrives in Moscow today which could indicate that a major action is imminent. The Russian government gave President Xi a heads up before the invasion last year, so a major increase in military action or change could be in the cards this week.

There are already unconfirmed reports of increased Russian military activity in the Sumy-Kharkov regions thus indicating a possible axis of attack for the upcoming offensive that has been long rumored to begin.

On the southern front the sudden arrival, still unconfirmed outside of this Russian promoted video, units from the Wagner PMC group appears in the Zaporozhye region:

That should be enough for the UkAF to move a brigade south in panic.

In the mean time on the domestic front, another balloon has appeared, the U.S. military is cleaning out every stockpile of remaining old military equipment for Ukraine, relations with China are the worst they have been since before Nixon and the economy is getting spicy.

What do I mean by spicy?

Here are the key data points to watch on Thursday and Friday of this week:

But don’t worry folks. America’s best and brightest are running our economic and foreign policy.

Got bunkers?

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  1. David Harrison David Harrison 02/20/2023

    Over on RT News: Washington notified Moscow of Biden visiting Kiev.

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 02/20/2023

      They didn’t have a choice. The cruise missiles flying everywhere posed a flight hazard. All this did was delay what’s happening in the next 96 hours. Full coverage here with Putin’s speech starting between 0300-0400 ET.

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