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America is NOT Going to Have a Happy Ending Part 13 (Videos)

Yesterday was an extremely long day at work, which is why I didn’t post any updates but listened to RINO talk radio and determined that the title of these threads is even more valid than ever.

Of course now that becomes quite obvious as the new lunacy seems to involve more Covid lockdowns, Monkeypox for all, and of course the dangers of all of us getting hot weather in the summer due to our SUVs.

The climate change nutcases hit a new low in brain cell count with this story from CounterPunch:

Nuclear Power is Racist, Sexist and Ageist: So Why Do Some Progressives Support It?

The money excerpt is one that will make your teeth hurt:

Nuclear power is sexist because exposure to the ionizing radiation released at every stage of the nuclear fuel chain harms women more easily than men. Women are more radiosensitive than men — the science is not fully in on this but it is likely connected to greater hormone production — but women are not protected for.

(Emphasis is mine)

After reading that one portion of the story, it does not take much to realize that yes America, we are doomed to follow the path of the documentary Idiocracy.

But wait, there’s more!

The takeaway from this video is simple:

America, next time you go to the zoo, remember, it’s Senator Joe Manchin killing all the polar bears.

Not to be out done however, America’s failing military elites decide to chime in:

I am so glad he cleared that up.

So it wasn’t Secretary of State Hillary Clinton getting a payoff from the Qataris and Soros to fund a civil war with Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria so the nation of Qatar could have a natural gas pipeline built to southern Europe from the Arabian Peninsula through Syria.

It was us greedy Americans driving pick-up trucks and SUVs.

America, we ain’t gonna make it with this kind of stupid leading the way.

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